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Need a Female Voiceover?

So much rides on the success of your video project and it's important that you find an experienced voiceover artist who can capture what you want to say in words beautifully told.

I've worked with many clients who have found themselves frustrated by bad narration or just feeling disconnected from what you're trying to say because your words didn’t resonate as much with them when someone else reads it out loud for whatever reason.

I take great care with every script sent my way, absorbing your vision while breaking down text into essentials before applying vocal craftsmanship—I know just how long each sentence should take so they never feel rushed or left hanging without context but still resonate deeply enough to the listener.

So if you're looking for a voiceover talent that can bring your project to life, contact me today!


Your message matters to me. Top brands have trusted me to tell their story and you can too.

Dolby Sound
Adobe Computer Software
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Toys R Us
Mercedes Benz USA
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
FAA Airlines

Cox Communications
Hartford Insurance
Southern Energy Company
T'Way Korean Airlines
Old Republic Title
Women of Faith
Smokey the Bear
YAMAHA Corporation of America Narration
Wycliffe's Bible Translators
and many more...

About Me

I have a conversational yet confident voice for companies of all sizes, from startups to giants.

Whether you're looking for corporate storytelling or an informative medical report about how-to use new technology in today’s world - my expertise will help connect with your audience and achieve desired results!

As a broadcast journalist turned voiceover professional with over two decades worth of experience under my belt (and tons more before then), I know how important it is not only get things right but also make sure people feel engaged throughout every step along their journey.

Whatever project you're casting for: eLearning courses; web videos/audio files (such as those found on YouTube); commercials or telephony recordings, I can adjust my tone according to what best suits your project's needs--ensuring success every time!

About My Voice.

If you're looking for a voiceover that people relate to, a voice that engages your listener, you found it. 

My smooth "satin tones" builds a sense of trust in your listener.

I can be youthful and energetic or slow and sexy.

Come across as a young mother or an intelligent college professor.

My voice is warm and radiates good vibrations.


Jeff Schaap

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with and a consummate professional in every way. The overall quality of her voice is wonderful but we were especially impressed with her interpretation skills. She provided reads that were exactly what we were looking for with very little direction. Her turnaround time was amazingly fast and she was very prompt in responding to our communications. I would highly recommend her to anyone and definitely plan to utilize her for future projects myself.

Andrew Hagen

Schtung Media

It is always difficult to find great talent.

You know, the one who delivers on time, is highly professional, can read anything from children's books to chemical formulae thru to banking and business scripts, and still deliver very high quality audio with a smile in her voice.

Well that's Julie Carruth, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Feel free to contact me for further info.

Studio Equipment

The equipment I record with offers a professional, broadcast ready sound that will require no additional effort on your part. I record in a custom-designed, professional voiceover studio that will make your project sound amazing.

Equipment includes:

Neumann TLM 103
Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo
Adobe Audition Software
Mac Platform

Why Hire Julie For Your Voiceovers?

The same clients have consistently booked me for their voiceovers for years. Here's what they say...

"Your ability to interpret a script blows my's as if you know exactly what the client wants to emphasize."

Becoming a successful voice actor isn't just about having a pleasant speaking voice; it's about being able to interpret and bring life to a script.

A voice actor must understand the intent behind the words and use vocal inflection, tone, and pauses to convey emotion and create visual imagery for the listener.

Simply reading words off a page is not enough; there needs to be intention behind every line in order for the story to truly come alive. 

"I can always depend on you to deliver a studio-quality voiceover without any background noise interfering."

As any producer knows, a clear, studio-quality recording is non-negotiable for any successful voiceover project.

But just because a voiceover artist has an incredible demo on their website (which they paid thousands of dollars for someone else to produce), it doesn't necessarily mean that they can create that same sound inside of their own personal studio.

Splurging on a professional voiceover artist may seem like a sure win, but when the end result is marred by distracting background noise or garbled audio, all that effort becomes completely meaningless. Not to mention how frustrating it is for clients to shell out money for a subpar recording that can't even be used. 

So when choosing your next voiceover artist, make sure you ask about their recording set-up and ensure that they have what it takes to deliver crystal clear audio. After all, in this industry, studio quality should never be an afterthought. It's one of the fundamental building blocks of success.

"I know I can count on you being here years later when the client needs to update a corporate narration."

As a voiceover artist, I understand the value of consistency and reliability. You can rest assured that I won't suddenly disappear or become unavailable years down the road.

When it comes to my career, I take the long view and plan for the future.

So while others may come and go, you can count on me to still be here years from now, ready to bring your scripts to life with my unique voice and talent. After all, who wants to have to constantly search for a new voiceover artist?

Stick with me and trust that I'll be here for years to come. 

"When clients ask for a friendly, conversation voiceover, you always come to mind."

Are you in need of a conversational and relatable voice for your next project? Not only am I confident and friendly, but I also have the unique ability to bring a conversational tone to any script. Whether it's a quirky commercial or a heartwarming narration, my voice will make your audience feel like they're having a conversation with a friend. 

"I love how prompt you are when I email and how quick you get the final product back to me."

When it comes to finding the perfect female voiceover talent for your project, one of the most important qualities to look for is promptness. Nothing can throw off a timeline quite like a lagging response time or slow delivery of the final product. 

Hiring someone who always responds quickly and gets their work done in a timely manner means you can hit those deadlines like clockwork and avoid scrambling at the last minute.

So when it comes to choosing a voiceover artist, don't settle for someone who always seems to be dragging their feet - instead, go for someone who proves they value your time as much as you do. After all, punctuality is worth its weight in gold.

I am available to record...


Explainer Videos

Imaging / Radio
Internet & Web

Medical Narration

Promo & Trailers
Telephony / IVR
Video Games

Let's Work Together!

When you're looking for a voice that will be engaging, informative and supportive of your company's message it is important to find the right fit. Unsure how I can help? Ask me questions now so we can see if we're a right fit for each other!

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